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RAVELINK Network Congratulates 2019 Motif Music Awards Nominees

For locals and visitors alike, Providence, Rhode Island is known to be a hot spot for music, culture and nightlife. And what better way to showcase the city’s musical talent than an awards show? Providence-based entertainment magazine Motif will be hosting the 2019 Motif Music Awards on March 25th at The MET in Pawtucket, where performers of genres from hip-hop to reggae to punk… and most importantly, EDM, will come together to celebrate the best of the best!

Some of New England’s best and brightest in the rave scene have been nominated, and we are so excited and proud to see some of our local EDM heroes listed at nominees for the 2019 Motif Music Awards!

In the Best EDM category:

DJ Don Dada, Joey Electric, DJ Leucistic, DJ Venom, Michael Savant, and Transcendence!

We have all danced the night away to at least one of these artists before, and they

really know how to bring a crowd to life! Additionally, in the Best Dance Night category, Phantasm @ Alchemy and Tight Crew have been nominated! The teams at Tight Crew and Alchemy have been working hard to create memorable, exciting, and safe experiences for ravers for years and never fail to entertain. All of these nominees deserve the recognition and we are happy to cheer them on!

Ravelink would like to extend its sincerest congratulations to all of the nominees in both categories and wish them the best of luck at the award show!

Our local electronic music community wouldn’t be the same without the artists, performers, and event producers who put in hours of work to deliver fresh beats in a secure and comfortable environment where new friends are made and fun moments are shared. We are so thankful for our local EDM acts, and glad to see Motif giving them a platform to celebrate their success and share the magic of electronic dance music with all of Rhode Island!

Don’t forget to show your support for local artists!

-Lexa Sparky

Editor / Journalist


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