“Friendship and Music: Nothing More, Nothing Less”

Advanced Drum & Bass, Volume 1 Saturday, March 23 @ 9:00 PM Sahara Restaurant and Bar, Worcester MA 9:00 pm - 1:30 am

Local Worcester EDM production company 4orce Productions is excited to announce an upcoming Drum & Bass event that has been in the works for quite some time! With a theme inspired by the famous fantasy boardgame HeroQuest, Advanced D&B: Volume 1 promises to deliver a night filled with magic, mythical adventure, and music!

4orce is especially excited to announce that Advanced D&B will be the debut night for two new official members of the 4orce Productions DJ team: Lavish Soule and Wiggles! Lavish Soule and Wiggles have been supporting the local EDM community for years through their contributions and comradery, and both DJ’s have been working hard on their musical skills to earn their spots on the 4orce team. We are so excited to see them perform solo slots as well as a back-to-back set called Lavish Wiggles at this exclusive Drum & Bass night!

“…We're really excited to bring Wiggles and Lavish Soule on this round as official 4orce DJs,” says Colin R. Brine aka Big C, Co-Founder of 4orce Productions. “We vet our DJs for a long time within the crew - Matt's [Wiggles] been in the crew since 2014 as a photographer and crew member but has really stepped up with DJing and Leanne [Lavish Soule] has been in the crew since November 2017 as a crew member.”

In addition to welcoming two new official 4orce team members, AD&B will feature Drum & Bass veterans Biclops, Big C, DizNinja, Good Frank, and Chernobyl Child. Dizninja and Good Frank will also be performing a back-to-back set dubbed Good AF. If you resonate with the lively, invigorating beats of D&B, you won’t want to miss this!

We reached out to 4orce co-founders Ben Renda (Biclops) and Colin R. Brine (Big C) to ask them more about the planning and purpose that went into this event. In celebration of the magic that can happen when friends support each other and work together, they shared the key principles of 4orce’s mission statement: “Friendship and music. Nothing more, nothing less!” 4orce encourages a culture of participation, attendance, promotion and integrity; asking all lovers and fans of artists and producers who make these events possible to do what they can to contribute to the community. 4orce asks members of the community to show their support by attending events when it’s possible for them, volunteering time or energy when they can, sharing and spreading the word about events, and maintaining a trustworthy, respectful atmosphere. By upholding these values, we can keep our local EDM scene a happy, welcoming and safe place for all individuals!

Colin (Big C) shared his personal elation at seeing this long-planned event start to take shape. He expressed excitement to be part of an event that is exclusive to the 4orce team, meaning every person performing is an official 4orce Productions DJ!

“For the first AD&B, it's all crew which is always fun, and we all love D&B. One of the requirements of any of our affiliated DJs is that they have to be able to spin D&B so it's only fitting that we do another all D&B event besides Drum and Bassmas,” Big C told RaveLink, referring to their only other all D&B event held every holiday season.

If you’re hungry for some magical music and can’t wait for AD&B to hear it, Big C recommends the iconic album titled Dungeonmaster’s Guide by legendary D&B artist Dieselboy to get fans hyped up for the event at the end of this month. “This album… was really important for a few of us getting us out of dark places back when it was released in 2004,” he told RaveLink. Will we hear some Dieselboy in the mix at Advanced Drum & Bass? You’ll have to come down to Sahara Bar and Restaurant in Worcester, MA on March 23rd at 9:00 pm to find out!

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/305798310083045/ Cover art by Colin R. Brine

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